Calling on my university skillset of Product and Design this bespoke booth was to radiate expense, custom and power.
Mansion Booth (3D, Textures, ingame)
Creating a seemless leather texture around the curvature of the booth and hinting at a padded nature worked well against the chrome frame. It was an art to get the ingame shaders matching its intended look in Crazy Bump.
Stage Design - 2 Custom DJ DECKS
Out of the concepts in the next slide the following desks were built.
Stage Design - 2 Custom DJ DECKS
I drew up 3 concepts for the proposed DJ des
Sponsorship Deal with Coca Cola
A number a large sponsorship deal meant conforming to legal guidelines and sending proofs for acceptance. I handled Sprite for all levels and implemented it into the game and took full responsibility for the client and Freestyle.
MarketPlace, Shader polish & assets
Working with a small art team I was able to aid in the creation of assets for Theme Packs for Xbox Marketplace. I took the responsibility of the 28 DJ DECKS and 14- textures as they were rendering in game at a sub par level so I brought them up to a high standard with teamwork from graphic programmers and my knowledge of Crazy Bump. Above are a small number of the many assets I created for backgrounds and on the stages and desks
You can see at the bottom 2 Venues
You can see the complete mood designs in the table above. Each one needed a concept detailing how the lasers, parcans, and special lighting would be activated.
Each Venue had 14 light-show "moods"
I designed each light-show mood. Each one needed a concept detailing how the lasers, parcans(lights), and special lighting would be activated. This was a new skill I met with enthusiasm. Subsequently asked to design all remaining venues.
Concepts of BLOCK PARTY
Concepts and effects of a LA based Block Party.
Concepts of BLOCK PARTY
Concepts and effects of a LA based Block Party.
I Created content for Theme Packs.
Visualizer - Screen animations
Creating 2-10 frame animations that were triggered by the markup designers for each song.
Concept for the 1st venue proposal
Based on the Meat packing district in LA its synonymous with new upcoming industrial nightclubs and big music.
Chosen Concept for the 1st venue
Inspired by London club research trips. The stage incorporated a large equalizer in the design of a spray paint color chart. The venue had a curved stage that made the battles and camera shots more dynamic.
LED scroller (shader setup)
Using the in-game engine environment and crazy bump to perfect the aesthetics in in-game
Equalizer and Background + lights.
Visualizer concept and background
1st player Desk Concept
Created in Corel Painter
1 Player stage background concept
Successful Desk Concept
Created in Photoshop and Corel Painter
Que club -Panoramic concept of venue
This concept was to conclude the floor plan and back of the arena.
R&D with animation dept
Provided R&D and modelling support for new animation features for the DJ's in DJHERO 2
Venue/Location concepts
Inspired by Nakagin Tower
Lighting for the Nakagin concept
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